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How to Control Android from PC using TeamViewer

In this guide, I’ll show you how to control Android from a PC. Think of a situation where your remote friend or a family member wants to access some online account through their Android smartphone for some purpose, and you don’t want to tell them your account password; what would you do? You won’t share it straightaway. So entering the password yourself is the only option left. It can happen by establishing a remote connection between a distant person’s Android device and your PC. TeamViewer is popular software that can mirror a tiny Android device’s screens onto your desktop and vice versa.

TeamViewer is helpful for several purposes. For example,

  1. To help some remote person solve device issues.
  2. To set or tune-up remote Android devices.
  3. Accessing his system files (if rooted) to make changes there itself

We have covered two different parts in this article.

How to Control Android from PC / Desktop

Step 1 – Download and install Team Viewer software on PC. And on android phone, install the QuickSupport app.

Step 2 – Open the QuickSupport app on the phone and note down the ID number.

Note: Do not close the app on the phone even after noting the ID; keep it open to accept an incoming connection request.

TeamViewer QS Android Interface
QuickSupport Android interface

Step 3 – Now open TeamViewer on the desktop and enter the ID you just noted in the Partner ID field. Click on the ‘Connect to Partner’ button. A prompt for incoming connection should appear on the phone app. Press ‘Allow’.

TeamViewer PC Interface
Desktop interface
TeamViewer QS Connection Prompt
QuickSupport Android app connection prompt

Step 4 – After establishing a connection between the two, some interface windows should appear on the desktop stating CPU, Battery, RAM, etc. Now find the ‘Remote Control’ button at the top left corner of the screen and select it. When a permission prompt appears on the phone again, allow the connection.

Control Android from PC
Desktop interface showing Phone details

That’s it! The phone interface will now appear on your desktop.

Android Screen Mirroring on Desktop
Android screen mirroring on desktop

Now the other part is a converse of the first part.

How to Control PC from an Android device

Step 1 – Install TeamViewer app on PC and Android.

TeamViewer: PC download link  |  Android download link

Step 2 – Open TeamViewer software on PC and note down ‘Your ID.’

TeamViewer ID Password
Desktop ID Password

Step 3 – Enter that ID number in Android’s TeamViewer app and press the ‘Remote Control’ button. When it prompts for a password, enter the four-digit code you get from PC software.

As soon as the connection establishes between the two, your phone will start mirroring the PC screen.

PC Screen on Android TeamViewer
Desktop screen mirroring on Android phone

Steps are pretty easy to understand here. Still, if you have any concerns, write them down in the comment section. We’ll get it to sort out.

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  1. You can control Android device from computer using apps like R-HUB remote support servers. Android mobile clients can show a web browser, photos and Dropbox files. In addition, Android 5.x and newer can show the entire screen.


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