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Netflix ‘Money Heist: Korea’ Cast and Release Date Revealed

Bella ciao, bella ciao‘ we all have heard this song for a Netflix series LACASA DE PAPEL aka Money Heist, the series that made people happy, sad, angry, emotional everything at the same time. The last season of the series aired on 3rd December 2021, and it happily ended. Still, people are expecting more from the series. Keeping this view in mind, Netflix has recently announced “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area,” a new series with the same name, same characters but different actors. Netflix has released a 73 seconds teaser to reveal the actors and their characters.

Recently a Korean Web Series ‘Squid Game‘ won the audience’s heart with its thrilling plot. The audience could connect emotionally to some characters, but on the other hand, they got angry with the other characters. In addition to that, the actors’ performance was overwhelming as well. As a result, people have high expectations from ‘Money-Heist: Korea.’

Money Heist Korea

Money Heist: The Plot

A group of people who have lost something precious in their life and have nothing to lose now came together to perform the biggest heist in the world. The gang is led by a mastermind who has planned ‘the only heist’ in his whole life. Rules for the heist are simple – No one shall reveal their identity to the other gang members, and they are allocated with their favorite country names, like Berlin, Tokyo, Lisbon, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo.

This series is everything about how a team of losers come together and perform the heist, what all difficulties they face, how they lost their loved ones and tackled the situations that got out of control, and lastly, how they achieved their milestone.

Money Heist: Korea – Cast

All the actors in this upcoming Money Heist web series have given multiple hits in their acting career, so those who have watched ‘Squid game’ will be happy to see their favorite actor performing the Berlin character in this series.

The Lead Cast

1. Yoo Ji-Tae – The Professor

The professor is the main character and the mastermind of this heist. How he will control all the characters & execute the plan is going to be the exciting part. The actor ‘Álvaro Morte’ who played ‘el professor’ nailed his role in the Spanish Money Heist series. People will have more expectations from ‘Yoo Ji-Tae,’ who will play the professor in the Korean version.

Yoo Ji-Tae has played multiple roles in the Korean film industry. His recent movies were ‘Svaha: The Sixth Finger’ & ‘Money’ released in 2019. Svaha: The Sixth Finger got a 6.3/10 IMDb rating & Money got a 6/10 IMDb rating.

Yoo Ji-Tae as The Professor
2. Park Hae-Soo – Berlin

The second most loved actor but hated character from the ‘Squid Game‘ is ‘Park Hae-soo.’ The audience would love to see him playing the Berlin role in Money Heist: Korea. Berlin was played by ‘Pedro Alonso.’ This character was very iconic and legendary. The audience loved watching him even after his death in season 2. The director continued showing him in all five seasons.

Money Heist fans will love to watch Park Hae-soo in the Berlin Character. The last Web series he appeared in was Squid Game, whose IMDb rating was 8/10.

Park Hae-Soo as Berlin
3. Jun Jong-Seo – Tokyo

Tokyo has given the background vocals for the overall series. ‘Úrsula Corberó’ has played this character in the Spanish version. Her character was portrayed so nicely in the series that sometimes we love her but hate her another time. ‘Jun Jong-Seo‘ will play this character in the Money Heist: Korea, & Úrsula Corberó fans would love to watch Jun Jong-Seo playing the Tokyo character.

The last Movie Jun Jong-seo appeared in was Mona Lisa & Blood Moon. In Mona Lisa, her character name was Mona. The film has garnered an IMDb rating of 6.1/10.

Jun Jong-Seo as Tokyo

The Gang

Lee Won-Jong takes on the bank robber and fatherly figure Moscow. Moscow’s son, Denver, will be played by Kim Ji-hun, while actress Jang Yoon-Ju will portray single-mom Nairobi. Park Jung-Woo will be seen playing the cute boy Rio.

The rest of the gang is rounded up by actors Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-Ho as brothers Helsinki and Oslo respectively.

Money Heist the gang

Other cast members include Lim Ji-Yeon, Lim Hyeong-Guk, and Lee Si-woo, but their associated characters are not confirmed yet.

The Task Force

Money heist task force
1. Kim Yun-jin as Seon Woo-jin

It is the only character against the heist at the beginning of the series. People loved her for the role of Lisbon. She plays a role of a cop, but it all ends up her becoming part of the heist.

The character was played by ‘Itziar Ituño.’ The Cop character will be played by ‘Kim Yun-Ji in the Korean version. The name of the character will be Seon Woojin. She recently appeared in the Korean movie ‘Confession,’ released in 2020. The movie was not up to the mark, but her fans will be happy to see her in this role.

Kim Yun-jin as Seon Woo-jin
2. Kim Sung-O as CHA Modhyuk

Kim Sung-O will appear as CHO Modhyuk in the series. Actor Fernando Cayo played the character of Colonel Luis Tamayo in the Money Heist Spanish version, and his acting was so realistic that people started hating him. It would be interesting to see the negative characters in the Korean version.

The Hostages

Money Heist hostages

1. Park Myung-Hoon as Cho Young-min, director of the Mint Bureau
2. Lee Joo – bin as Yoon Mi-Seon, an employee in charge of accounting at the Mint

‘Money Heist: Korea’ – Release date

As the teaser for ‘Money Heist: Korea’ was released on 18 January 2022, the series would be on-air till the end of 2022. Filming for the series has begun over Summer 2021 in Seoul. The series will have 12 episodes. The production on ‘Joint Economic Area’ has already started.

Alex Pina, the creator of the original Money Heist, has said that the prospect of re-creating the series in South Korea excites him.

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